"As a kid, I saw how much my dad loved photography. I watched him make pictures, and I stood by his side as he developed his own film. Through the years, the technology has changed, but not the excitement that comes from capturing a moment. Looking with a searching eye for that right moment while photographing a talented dancer, capturing that special look on a child’s face as they interact with a parent or friend. A photographer has the chance to capture those moments forever."

-Den Sweeney



Den Sweeney is an established, 
award-winning photographer and artist specializing in portrait, head shot, fine art, and landscape photography.  

Den has studied with brilliant photographers, including Carlan Tapp, Lois Greenfield, and John Paul Caponigro and has learned from them and has been inspired by them. Den has always felt blessed to be able to use a camera as a creative medium to tell stories. 

He has made portraits of Broadway stars, Grammy award winners, and Olympic Gold medalists. Den’s work has had a global reach: he has been commissioned for commercial and fine art work in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. For more than fifteen years, he has traveled to the Arctic Circle to document a suicide prevention project for Inuit youth in the Canadian Arctic. Working for over 30 years, Den has earned an advanced certification in Photoshop.

Den has been featured in major international publications.

His motto is “Simple Art, Honest Stories”.



Gear Specifications

Below are the main brands Den uses for all his gear. For a more specific look into which exact gear he uses, be sure to join his mailing list and you'll get a free copy of Den's extensive "Photography Toolkit”.

Cameras / Lenses - Nikon USA
Hard Drives / Storage - G-Technology
Tether Gear - CamRanger
Printing - Epson
Lighting Strobes - Profoto
Lighting Modifiers - Profoto and Elinchrom
Computer - Apple