Light It Up


In this lighting workshop, it will be organized in a discussion orientated style. With this style, it will allow all the participants to ask questions, as well share ideas with the entire group. This is be a fun and exciting workshop, as we will be able to grow in our understanding of light as a group. 

With the focus on artificial lighting, some of the topics we will touch upon, but not limited to, include harsh vs soft light and how to modify your light. It will also include one of our personal favorites, environmental portraiture, where artificial lighting will combine with natural lighting to create a dramatic result. 

Please keep in mind that this is in fact a discussion based workshop, so these topics are just starting points. Free feel to bring up some questions and or topics that you would like to discuss. 


We will have a camera, as well as lighting equipment.  However, it is recommended that you bring your own camera and lighting to test out different concepts. Note taking materials are also welcomed, but hopefully you will gain a deep enough understanding so that you won't need it!


We will meet up at dsp studio in Northeast Philadelphia (Detailed information will be provided to participants), where we will start with a general discussion. We will then travel to a nearby park to experiment with environmental lighting portraiture.