Unsung Heroes

Photo Gallery of the incredible people reaching for their goals.

Throughout the years, Dsp Photo Studios has told many stories of love, happiness, and life through our photographs. From family reunions on the beach to "once in a lifetime" gatherings in the Arctic, we've enjoyed every moment of capturing these images. Dsp Photo Studios love photography. We often wake up in the middle of the night, drawing lighting diagrams, studying another photographer's work, and coming up with new ideas. We are passionate about photography. We at Dsp Photo Studios also love learning about our clients and hearing their stories.

In the new year, we want to continue to broaden our scope, make more amazing photographs, and learn about your story, your neighbor's, your son's, or your daughter's. Is there something that you are passionate about? What keeps you up at 4 in the morning?  Do you know someone that is committed to achieving an amazing goal, or battles a difficult challenge every day of their life? We want to hear those stories of determination, tenacity, and passion. Please nominate yourself or someone else for this special project!